The French Blue: Fascinating Story of the Cursed Hope Diamond

I think you have already heard about the legendary cursed Hope Diamond. This captivating new historical fiction book tells us the story of Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the man behind the famous blue diamond. The French Blue mostly tells us the true story of Tavernier, while decorates it with minor fictional events to keep the book as a very delightful read. We dive into the busy gem trade world of 17th century.

Jean Baptiste Tavernier's journey into Persia & India and his business relations with the princes, romances with the most beautiful women of that time. He once became able to acquire a huge 116 carat blue diamond which he later sold to Louis XIV, France King for 147 kgs of gold! He became a baron to Sun King. Today, this blue gem is known as Hope Diamond while it was called as French Blue in the first centuries of discovery.

Aztec - Impressive Scary Novel about Lost Civilization

Aztec is one of the most powerful historical fiction books ever written. The author, Gary Jennings lived in Mexico around 12 years to research Aztec culture and history in detail. The result is a blend of stunning bawdy, grisly, occasionally funny, handsomely scenic, picturesque details. Mixtli-Dark Cloud is our Aztec narrator and hero who tells his story. Born to normal Aztec parents with poor sight, he manges to rise in the society quickly. Scribe, trader, a renowned warrior and finally a lord of Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan and counselor to the Moctezuma II, Aztec ruler.

You will see a great detail in Aztec historical events, places, geography, culture, rites, Gods. Spanish invasion of Hernan Cortes is portrayed and blended very successfully to the story flow. A criticism on Spanish destruction of Aztec empire and their religion is apparent. One of the all time bestsellers about Aztecs.

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Outlander - Excellent Historical Fiction Romance Novel

Outlander, this Amazon bestselling novel has a really interesting plot which is hard to categorize. The romance of a nurse with two men which takes place in eighteenth and twentieth-century Scotland. While Claire Randall walks in an ancient henge, she's somehow transported to 1743. She meets her husband's hatred ancestor, British captain Jonathon Randall there but saved by a Scottish clan. While she nurses a young soldier James Fraser, they fall in love and live also many adventures including Black Jack "Jonathan Randall". At last, Claire finds a way to turn to her original century, world war two time of England. She is now in hesitation to choose her real love. A long abandoned loved husband or passionate romance with the Scottish soldier James.

The book is very rich in the aspects of history and drama as well. Especially the Scottish clan life is close to the perfection in historical terms. The author Diana Gabaldon manages to keep attention in all 900 pages. You will not eat, drink, sleep but finish this historical fiction book breathless.

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A Novel by Death - The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

This #1 New York Times and Amazon bestseller historical fiction novel's main character is Death himself. Actually death narrates a child's story at the horrific era of World War Two. 9 years old German girl Liesel Meminger, a typical abandoned later given to foster parents child finds the escape from all reality in books. She steals the books wherever she can. On a graveyard, a gravediggers manual for example, or in a Nazi book burning place. She also meets with very interesting friends during her stealing adventures.

Our Death here is a reluctant, unhappy character who defines himself as "haunted by humans" and his only joy is Liesel.

Eventhough the book was categorized as a young reader book since there are moral resolutions into society, friendship and literature, adults will enjoy reading it because of the sarcastic, darkly humorous and deadly style.

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